How to access the browser with Facebook for Android

This easy tutorial will show you how to access the browser when you click links using Facebook from your mobile Android devices (mobile phone, tablet). By default, Facebook open all links in its own internal browser. It allows you to open pages a little bit faster but you are missing functionalities such as your favorites and the address bar to see or modify the URL.

  • No address bar (URL)
  • 502 Bad Gateway error
  • You are not logged in the page website (ex: Udemy, Skillshare)
  • Maintenance or Cache error page

A. How to Open a Single link from Facebook in your Browser

On the top-right corner of the webpage, click on the 3 vertical dots (the menufacebook-app-open-link-in-browser-android-step1

B. How to open All Links in Browser using Facebook App

Open Facebook app from your Android mobile device.

On the top right, click on the 3 large horizontal lines (the menu). Don’t click on the 3 small horizontal lines with the user totally above.


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