How to Enable https in WordPress

In this tutorial you will learn how to enable https in WordPress so your pages will be displayed with SSL. There are different ways you want them to be displayed: in the admin pages, in the login pages, in all pages, or per page. The are advantages and disadvantages will be compared.

How to enable https in all pages in WordPress

  1. In your admin area, go to Settings / General
  2. In “WordPress Address (URL)”, change the url to https
  3. In “Site Address (URL)”, change the url to https

That way you will force the medias to be uploaded in https and avoid a “mixed content” error message. 

If you run a Multisite WordPress install, go to Network Admin / Sites / Edit Site to edit the url address

How to enable https per page in WordPress

  1. Go in your admin area
  2. Plugins
  3. Add new
  4. Search for “iThemes”
  5. Install iTheme
A big advantage of the iThemes plugin is the pages which don’t have https enabled will be forced to http so your analytics statistics won’t be split up over 2 versions of the same page.


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