How to find my MailChimp API Key?

How to find my Mail Chimp API key?

To Find you Mail Chimp API key, simply click this link and login to your Mail Chimp account:

MailChimp API Key

If you don’t have any API key yet, just click on the “Create A Key” button at the bottom left. You can rename the label to remember what service that key will be linked to.

What is the API key for ?

The API key allows you to integrate Mail Chimp newsletter subscription forms to external services, for exemple on your website, when a user register a new account or leave a comment.

What is Mail Chimp ?

Mail Chimp is a email marketing service where you can create newsletter lists, newsletter campaigns based on feeds or personalized. The newsletters and forms support translations in any language, have good reputation with email providers and are compliant to European regulations as well.

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