How to fix Skillshare 502 Bad Gateway error


This easy tutorial will show you how to fix the Skillshare 502 Bad Gateway error. This error is caused by Cloudflare and the Skillshare website, we reported it and they are currently working on the issue. The next steps below will show you how to access the course page and enroll if you wish to do so. Those steps are also useful if you have a 502 error when visiting any website.


  • You probably clicked on a Skillshare shortlink, as this one:

    Once you clicked the link, it redirects you to a URL like this:

    Clean the url, leaving only the code after the course name, or the coupon code if you have one.

    To do so, click or tap in the address bar, scroll totally right, up to the end of the url, and use the Backspace key to delete unnecessary part. The new URL should look like this:

    or like this, if you have a coupon code:

    Press Enter

    If you clicked on the Skillshare shortlink from Facebook using a android mobile device (phone, tablet) and you don’t see the URL, read our article How to access the browser with Facebook for Android (will open in a new tab)

    If you still have the 502 error, click on step 2.

  • On the top right of the error message there is a green button called Retry for a Live Version. Click on it.


    If you still have the issue, click on step 3.

  • Open the link in your browser Incognito mode.

    1. In your browser, open your browser menu
    2. Find the Incognito or Private mode
    3. Open a new incognito or private window
    4. Go to and login
    5. Go to the normal windows
    6. Click in the address bar and Copy the cleaned URL of the course
    7. G0 to the Incognito/Private window.
    8. Click in the address bar
    9. Paste the cleaned URL and press Enter.
    From your Android mobile device, follow the instructions from our article How to access the browser with Facebook for Android (will open in a new tab) and select the incognito browser on step A3.

    If you prefer not to use a incognito/private window, click to step 4.

  • In you prefer not to use a incognito/private page, you can clear your browser’s cookies instead. The disadvantages are it will disconnect you from every website and you will need to do it almost every other day for the Skillshare 502 error. 

    To find how to clear the cookies for your browser, click to read our article How to clear the cookies of your browser (it will open in a new tab)

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