How to setup an email account on YourFree.Hosting

Here is how you can have a free email address for your domain name hosted on

  1. Login to YourFree.Hosting control panel at
  2. In the “Email” section, click on “Email accountsemail-accounts-yourfreehosting
  3. Under “Add Email Address”, fill up the informations of the new email account you want to create

    1. Email address: Enter the first part of the email you want, this is the part that will be before the @ symbol in the email address. Ex:,
    2. Domain: Click on the dropdown arrow and select the domain you want. This will be the 2nd part of your email address. Ex:,
    3. Password: Enter a password you will remember, it must contain a minimum of 10 characters
  4. You can now access your email at (add it to your favorites!)

Would you like to have access to IMAP, POP or integrate your email in a webmail app such as YouMail ? You can subscribe to one of our Email Hosting plans, starting from $0.45/month or move your hosting to our $1 Hosting plan for $1/month.

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