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Learn Design with Online Courses

Choose among 126 online courses! Branding & Logo Design, Content Strategy, SEO & Social Media, Creative Business, Creative Development, Design Techniques, Developer, Information Design, In-House Business Skills, UI & UX Design, Web & Interactive Design

Get a Degree or a Certificate

In partnership with Sessions College for Professional Design you can earn a degree programs, a undergraduate certificate or a vocational certificate. There is 5 available certifications: In-House Management Certification, UX Design Certificate, Certificate in Branding and Certificate in Infographic Design

About How University (How U)

You probably know or at least heard of the How Magazine? How Design is an authority in the design industry and have been running since 1985. How Design is the editor of How Magazine and How Books. They also run conferences and design competitions.  They now launched the How Design University to offer Graphic Design and Web Design courses. You will get a certificate or a diploma from a great brand to enrich your resume and will get insights from renown designers who work in this industry.

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